Decolonizing, Indigenous and “Southern” Methodologies: A Scoping Review to Develop Ways of Working Together

Project Name:

Decolonizing Methodologies

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Principal Investigators:

Renee Masching, Wangari Esther Tharao, Catherine Anne Worthington, Lori A Chambers, Randy Jackson, Valerie Pierre-Pierre -- Cathy Worthington* (UVic), Fred Andersen (CAAN), Randy Jackson (McMaster), Marni Amirault (CAAN), Renée Masching* (CAAN), Tola Mbulaheni (ACCHO), Valérie Pierre-Pierre (ACCHO), Wangari Tharao (WHIWH/ACCHO)


The use of Decolonizing Methodologies to understand health inequalities as experienced by Aboriginal/Indigenous peoples and by African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) communities is relatively recent. Much remains to be learned about how these multiple perspectives can be applied with respect to re-conceptualizing and developing innovative ways of conducting research. This project responds to the need to develop innovative research approaches rooted in the ways in which Aboriginal/ Indigenous and African Diaspora worldwide generate and integrate knowledge.

Purpose and Objectives:

Project goals include: (1) completion of a preliminary synthesis of existing literature; (2) creation of a discussion framework based on the results of the scoping review; (3) conducting consultations with Aboriginal/Indigenous and African Diaspora HIV researchers and community members at the AIDS 2012 International conference in Washington, DC (July 2012), and; (4) developing a larger protocol enabling continued theory development.


Systematic scoping review; collective research process


African, Caribbean and Black populations; Indigenous populations



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Support engagement between these communities around research issues; enhanced working relationships between members of the HIV CBR Aboriginal and ACB communities.

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CIHR Social Research Centre in HIV Prevention (SRC)