Addressing social and structural drivers of HIV and STIs among diverse women in Canada

Project Name:

Addressing social and structural drivers of HIV and sexually transmitted infections among diverse young women in Canada: A mixed methods, multi-site cohort study

Funding Dates:

2015 - 2016



Principal Investigators:

Bourassa, Carrie Ann ; Logie, Carmen Helen ; Loutfy, Mona Rafik


There is a need for effective HIV/STI prevention strategies with these key groups of women. There is increased attention to the potential of technology for STI/HIV prevention among youth: yet little is known about what web-based strategies may meet the STI/HIV prevention needs among key populations of young women in Canada. We will conduct a mixed methods, community based, pilot study in Alberta (Edmonton, Calgary), Saskatchewan (Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert) and Ontario (Thunder Bay, Hamilton, Toronto).

Purpose and Objectives:

We aim to work with key populations of young women in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario to: 1) understand social factors that enhance STI/HIV risks; 2) explore what web-based strategies they prefer for STI/HIV prevention; 3) adapt and pilot test a web-based intervention and evaluate its effectiveness in reducing STI/HIV vulnerability; 4) build capacity and share knowledge among key populations of young women, community health and sexual health centres, outreach agencies and support services.




African, Caribbean and Indigenous young women


Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Thunder Bay, Hamilton & Toronto

Start and End Date:

2015 - 2016


Project Indicators and Outcomes:

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