High-impact, field-based intervention to optimize HIV prevention and treatment outcomes for African, Caribbean and Black communities in Ontario

Project Name:

Hi-Fi Toronto

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Principal Investigators:

LaRon E. Nelson


Client-Centered Care Coordination Community (C5) Public Health Strategy for Use with African Caribbean and Black Individuals in Peel Region. LaRon Nelson and his team will work with Peel HIV/AIDS Network, Peel Sexual Health Clinics and other area care providers to create an integrated system to support the prevention and care needs of African Caribbean and Black people at risk of or newly diagnosed with HIV. The system will use a mobile app to coordinate care and will be tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced by African Caribbean and Black community members. The team will evaluate the delivery of this program including sociocultural, organizational and regulatory factors affecting its use and associated costs. Once established and adapted, the team will evaluate the impact of the intervention on HIV risk reduction and linkages to care. In later phases of the project, the C5 Public Health Strategy will be used to deliver information about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) tailored to community needs and to support PrEP delivery and adherence.

Purpose and Objectives:

The purpose of this project is to pilot test the client-centered care cascade coordination (C5) intervention model with ACB individuals in Peel Region. The PI will work with business and technology partners to migrate the current paper-based client-centered care coordination (C4) model for HIV prevention to a mobile-web app platform. This project will also evaluate the implementation of the C5 model for HIV risk reduction and linkage to HIV care. The PI will work with implementation partners to implement C5 with ACB communities in Peel region. Lessons learned will inform provincial level policy discussions and decisions regarding best strategies for expanding implementation of C5 in other Ontario regions.



ACB community


Peel Region, ON

Start and End Date:

2016 - 2021


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