Exploring the acceptability and feasibility of new HIV prevention technologies for African, Caribbean and Black populations in Toronto

Project Name:

Exploring the Acceptability and Feasibility of New HIV Prevention Technologies for African, Caribbean and Black Populations in Toronto

Funding Dates:

2014 - 2015



Principal Investigators:

Darrell Hoi San Tan--MAIN, Bayoumi, Ahmed Mohamed ; Kerr, Jelani ; Logie, Carmen ; Loutfy, Mona Rafik ; Luyombya, Henry ; Patten, San ; Ryan, Shannon ; Tharao, Wangari Esther ; Wilton, James


Despite decades of traditional prevention work based on behaviour change and condoms, unacceptably high rates of HIV transmission persist in Canada, with a disproportionate burden among African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) communities. To address these challenges, there is increasing interest in new biomedical HIV prevention technologies (NPTs), including pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), the daily use of anti-HIV medications by people at high HIV risk to prevent infection before it occurs. However, there are numerous uncertainties regarding NPT use in Canadian ACB populations that warrant urgent attention.

Purpose and Objectives:


Questionnaire, qualitative interviews


ACB Populations


Toronto, ON

Start and End Date:

2014 - 2015


Project Indicators and Outcomes:

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