Infant feeding among Black women living with HIV: A community-based participatory research

Project Name:

Infant Feeding among Black women living with HIV: A Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR)

Funding Dates:

2016 - 2019



Principal Investigators:

Babatunde, Seye ; Etowa, Josephine B ; Hannan, Jean ; Loemba, Hugues


Our research will explore the infant feeding practices and experiences of HIV+ Black women living in Ottawa-Canada, Port Harcourt-Nigeria and Miami-USA during the first year of life.

Purpose and Objectives:

The project also seeks to empower Black women and their communities to be self-advocates in the fight against HIV. we will explore the socio-cultural, gender and socio-economic factors influencing infant feeding. Understanding these issues will contribute to knowledge necessary for feasible and sustainable infant feeding guidelines for women living with HIV. The results will have important implications for informing action for the development of effective services and policies on infant feeding in the context of vertical HIV transmission.


Mixed methods


Black Women


Ottawa-Canada, Port Harcourt-Nigeria and Miami-USA

Start and End Date:

2016 - 2019


Project Indicators and Outcomes:

Funding Sources: