Systematic review to support development of an intervention to reduce stigma experience by HIV+ Diasporic Black, African and Canadian Women in Canada

Project Name:

Systematic Review to Support Development of an Intervention to Reduce Stigma Experienced by HIV-Positive Diasporic Black, African, Caribbean and Canadian Women in Canada among sexual and gender minority youth (SGMY) in Kingston, Jamaica

Funding Dates:

2012 - 2013


Principal Investigators:

Wangari Tharao; Mona Loutfy; Carmen logie; Liviana Calzavara;


Purpose and Objectives:

The aim of the project is to conduct a systematic literature review to identify evidence-based practice interventions that have been proven or are promising in terms of effectiveness in reducing the multiple forms of S/D experienced by DBACC women living with HIV. Findings from review will then be used to inform an intersectional stigma reduction intervention tailored to the needs of ACB women living with HIV


Systemic literature review


ACB Women


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Project Indicators and Outcomes:

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