Testing, Reaching the Undiagnosed and Linkages to Care: “REACHing” for Impact

Project Name:

Testing, Reaching the Undiagnosed and Linkages to Care: "REACHing" for Impact

Funding Dates:

2019 - 2020



Principal Investigators:

Anis, Aslam Hayat ; Gahagan, Jacqueline C ; Ibanez-Carrasco, Francisco ; Janjua, Naveed Zafar ; Jones, Jennifer Evin ; Kelly, Deborah Violet ; Kim, John Edward ; King, Alexandra ; Krajden, Mel ; Lachowsky, Nathan John ; Monteith, Kenneth Mark ; Otis, Joanne ; Pai, Nitika ; Proctor-Simms, Michelle ; Rourke, Sean B. ; Tharao, Wangari Esther ; Thavorn, Kednapa ; Worthington, Catherine Anne


The major aim of this CIHR Team in "REACHing" for Impact will be to bring together national leadership network of interdisciplinary experts. This includes biomedical scientists and clinical investigators, public health practitioners, policy-makers, industry partners, and community-based organizations. Our innovative research will address major "knowledge to action" gaps in testing, reaching the undiagnosed, and linkages to care.

Purpose and Objectives:

We propose five complementary biomedical and clinical/public health implementation and evaluation research projects: 1) accuracy, usability and acceptance of INSTI and OraQuick HIV self-tests, and validation for HCV and other tests; 2) HIV self-testing strategies in clinic and community-based settings using innovative App technology; 3) dried blood spot testing with Indigenous communities and gbMSM through targeted scale-out, peer linkage to biomedical prevention, and self-testing at home; 4) community-based intervention with peers to diversify HIV testing for gbMSM and ACB; and 5) pharmacy-based STBBI testing through integration with existing infrastructure. 



General Public including ACB



Start and End Date:

2019 - 2024


Project Indicators and Outcomes:

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